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eLearning: London resources

eLearning Resources for London

BMJ Learning and Anatomy TV have both been purchased for health and care staff across London.

Anatomy TV

This 3D anatomy resource is accessed via NHS OpenAthens login. Anatomy TV is a specialised resource featuring anatomical pictures that can be rotated, and layers can be removed in order to expose underlying structures


BMJ Learning 

BMJ Learning is now available via OpenAthens authentication for doctors and healthcare professionals. This resource features hundreds of learning modules, including interactive case histories, just in time modules, reflective modules, and multimedia modules. It includes both clinical and non-clinical content.

All modules take around an hour to complete and can be paused and resumed at any time so are the perfect way to keep up to date and earn CPD credits

New in BMJ Learning:

Contact us if you are not sure of your eligibility.

Medical Masterclass

eLearning resource produced by the Royal College of Physicians. It is targeted at trainees preparing for the MRCP(UK) examination.

This resource is distributed across differents Trusts.